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We bring together the strengths of DSA Corporate Services Inc. (DSA), a leader in delivering corporate secretarial services, and Marrelli Support Services Inc. (MSSI), a leader in providing financial accounting and reporting services to companies active in Canadian capital markets, and Marrelli Trust Company Limited (Marrelli Trust), a full service trust company & registrar and transfer agent. We offer a complete C-suite experience for our clientele in The Canadian Venture Building.

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For more than 80 years, through Canadian predecessor companies and partnerships, the trusted brands in The Marrelli Group of Companies have been providing public and private companies with valuable support services needed to navigate the capital markets and the business world. For more information please download our combined service fact sheets!

Years of Service

Corporate Divisions

Support Services

Marrelli Support Services Inc. financial accounting and reporting services (MSSI) specializes in the preparation of quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial statements, including comprehensive note disclosure.

DSA Corporate Services

DSA Corporate Services offers outsourced corporate secretarial services tailored to the needs of small to midsized reporting issuers. 

Trust Company Limited

Marrelli Trust Company Limited (Marrelli Trust) is a non-deposit-taking trust company authorized under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. 

The Canadian Venture Building

If you’re an entrepreneur or a professional looking for a shared office space that’s as polished as you are, the Canadian Venture Building is where you want to be.

Our Company Values

At The Marrelli Group of Companies, we strive to uphold a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions. These values reflect our commitment to integrity, excellence, trust, and the pursuit of long-term success for our clients and stakeholders.

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Marrelli Group of Companies

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Marrelli Support Services Inc.

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Managing Director

DSA Corporate Services Inc.

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Marrelli Trust Company Limited

Nan Sheopaul
Accounting Supervisor

Marrelli Support Services Inc.

Natalia Correa
Cash Operations Manager

Marrelli Support Services Inc.

Maria Noel Correa
Administrative Director

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