DSA Corporate Services

DSA Corporate Services

DSA Corporate Services offers outsourced corporate secretarial services tailored to the needs of small to midsized reporting issuers. These services range from providing recording secretaries for Board of Directors & Committee meetings to the appointment of one of our senior team members as the outsourced Corporate Secretary of the company. DSA Corporate Services also specializes in continuous disclosure regulatory reporting, stock exchange compliance, stock option, and warrant administration, annual meeting organization, minute book custody, corporate governance advice, news release dissemination through a range of domestic and global networks, and other specialty services.


DSA Spotlighted Services Offerings

Corporate Secretary & Recording Secretary

Appointment of a DSA senior team member as Corporate Secretary of an issuer, performing an expanded Recording Secretary role. 

Continuous Disclosure & Regulatory Filings

Monitor regulatory filing deadlines based on the issuer’s year-end and stock exchange regulations. DSA Corporate Services also offers a customized annual Disclosure Filing Calendar.

Annual & Special Shareholder Meetings

Liaise with the client’s legal counsel and transfer agent to set meeting and record dates for annual and/or special shareholder meetings.

Minute Book Custody

Maintain minute books by ensuring all constating documents and executed copies of minutes/resolutions are inserted into our client’s minute books.

Stock Exchange Compliance

Comply with Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX); TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V); Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE); Over-the-counter (OTC, OTCQB, OTCQX), and other US and UK stock exchange policies.

Whistleblower Integrity Hotline Service

Implement a cost-effective, easy-to-set-up whistleblower hotline service, allowing confidential and anonymous reporting of infractions to the Audit Committee Chair.

DSA Filing Services

DSA Filing Services offers electronic regulatory filing on SEDAR+ (Canada), CSE (Canada), OTC, EDGAR (US), RIS (UK), and Canadian insider filing on SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders) and prepares customized annual Disclosure Filing Calendars. Please contact us for more information on DSA Filing Service Limited.

Marrelli Press Release Services

  • Arranging of fast and efficient dissemination of client news releases via DSA’s preferred partner – Notified™ (Globenewswire) or with other newswire providers.
  • An extensive selection of news dissemination networks around the world, including social media options and trade publications.
  • Pre-clearance of news releases with the stock exchange market surveillance agencies, such as the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) in Canada.
  • Exclusive to DSA clients using Notified™ (Globenewswire) is a discounted newswire rate and a number of other complimentary services.

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